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With great power comes great responsibility.

Neuro-Bootcamp is a specialized curriculum to train a new generation of neuroscientists for disruptive innovation.


Combining lectures by international researchers with hands-on training in advanced machine learning tools we aim to give opportunities for bright students to both explore neuroscience and build a career within the field. 


Are PSYCHICS intuitive cognitive scientists?

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Can we live in ROBOT bodies?

Do you know
what it feels like to be a ROBOT?

Do you know
what it feels like to be a ROBOT?

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Is the modern
world more like
SCI FI then reality?

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Want to be a neuroscience INNOVATOR?


Why do we make IRRATIONAL financial decisions?


Can we teach computers to 


How to take innovation out of the lab and into the REAL WORLD?


Who should shape the FUTURE of neuroscience?

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